2019 Bathroom Vanity Trends

A quick update in the bathroom improves its style and space. But, do not update before you know the top trends for the year. Here we will discuss some of the trends in bathroom vanities Brookfield WI for 2019. Use any of these ideas for inspiration to create your own amazing bathroom style that everyone in the family loves.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks bring old-fashioned charm into your bathroom. Plus, they certainly create an amazing style that is unique from others. You’ll appreciate the comforting appeal that vessel sinks provide to the bathroom.

Open Bottoms

Go modern and choose open bottom vanities. Many homeowners enjoy this style since it allows them more area to decorate or even store items they need in the bathroom. Tons of great open bottom bathroom vanities are available. Browse the options and choose your favorite!

Open Shelving

Vanities that use open shelving are easy to use and deliver homeowners far more uses than other types of vanities. They’re also cheaper, if that is a concern. The open shelf vanity is also a space saver for small bathrooms.

White, Gray Vanities

Neutral colors are always tending when used in the home. Now the colors have made their way into the bathroom and your vanity space. Choose white or grey neutral vanities to create a calming, fun space that is subtle yet charming and up to date.

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Final Thoughts

Follow the top bathroom vanity trends for this year and your bathroom will look great. In fact, your bathroom will be one of the best in the neighborhood! The trends listed here are some of the best and you’re sure to love how well they accentuate this room in the home. Are you ready to choose your vanity with this information in mind?