How to Place a Light Fixture in Your Home

When you think of lighting in your home, do you think of boring ceiling lights or floor lamps? For more style in your home, consider custom light fixtures that add whatever ambiance you desire to your abode. By taking charge of your style, rooms in your home can look inspiring and artistic instead of ordinary.


Determine the length, width, and height of your open room space. Measure the area around the room and determine how big your ideal light fixture should be. Make sure it fits into the area and does not take up too much spaced in the room.


Depending on where you are placing your light fixture, the length is highly important. Clearance needs to be determined in order to allow for adequate space in the room. In living rooms, open foyers, or bedrooms, make sure there is at least a 7 foot clearance. If you are placing the light in a hallway, hang it so that it is at least 6 inches higher than any nearby doors.


Spacing is another important factor that goes into your lighting fixture. Note how it relates to your surroundings and make slight adjustments to your plan when it comes to height, width, or diameter. Table size and shape should be taken into consideration, as different fixtures work better than others depending on their features.

custom light fixtures

Oval and rectangular tables look well with multi light pendant fixtures as well as linear suspension lights. If you have a table that is round or square, consider a chandelier or single pendant fixture.

When you’re decorating the home, it is important to make sure you don’t forget about light fixtures. Take your time when customizing your home and add a personal touch to every corner.