While Water Does Fall Freely To The Earth – You Still Have To Take Care Of A Water Fountain

Outdoor water features have to be taken care of if you want them to look at their best. Those beautiful fountains you see in gardens and public places are all because someone takes care of them. They are at the mercy of whatever mother nature wants to throw at them – wind, leaves, freezing temperatures and animals passing by. it isn’t a full-time job, but to get the best from any water feature you have to look after it.

Professional pond acaerators and fountains maintenance follow a few simple rules to keep any fountain looking its best. The center of the pond is not that little cherub who spurts water from his rosy cheeks – the essential piece of equipment is the pump. The pump keeps the water on the move and that’s what you need. The pump has to be totally submerged for it to work properly. So don’t let the water level drop.

You might even have to top it off by hand if you only have a small fountain. Remember water does evaporate – so top it off regularly.

Be sure to clean it once in a while. It is a good idea not to wait until it becomes gungy – that is a technical term we water aficionados use – the longer you leave it the worse of a job it is.  So keep on top of the cleaning schedule and maybe use it as the perfect excuse for a grown-up water fight.

pond acaerators and fountains

It is a good idea to clean the pump every now and again. Usually about once every three months. So this is definitely something you have to put on the calendar – perhaps you could make a day of it and change the filters on the A/C at the same time?